Our Services

Process Improvement

Are your business processes not keeping up with the stage your business is at due to your rapid growth? Do you need dynamic processes to adjust cost-effectively to your company’s development? Not sure where to turn? Let us guide you with our in-house developed methodology tailored to your company’s needs. Vistum Consulting develops dynamic processes and strategies for every client and deploys them at the proper time, allowing your organization to continue its growth trajectory without slowing down. Thus, saving you precious time and money without sacrificing quality.

Profitability & Cost Analysis

How confident are you that your company is maximizing its profitability? To maximize profits, business leaders must first understand the drivers behind their profits. Understanding these drivers helps to create efficiencies in the processes and activities that generate revenue. Vistum Consulting's analysis and strategies help identify ways to enhance product mixes to maximize profits in the near and short term. Therefore, allowing the creation of better forecasts and budgets as leaders work to create reasonable goals and map how they will achieve them. In addition, the analysis provides insights to your company's leaders to strategically reduce other costs that impact profitability.

Building Procurement & Finance Teams

Do you lack the time or expertise to create Procurement or Finance Teams to ensure your company’s continued success? First, we examine what organizations do to stay competitive in this fast-paced world and which are doing it the best. Then, using innovative tools and resources, we layout and implement how best to establish an internal Procurement or Finance function, including staffing, processes, goals, objectives, and strategies.