Our Purpose

At Vistum Consulting, we recognize that no two projects are exactly alike, so we always approach our clients and their needs with the same level of respect. Although Vistum’s foundations are rooted in best practices for project management and process improvement, we do not employ off-the-shelf solutions. Our approach to clients and their challenges is where Vistum Consulting stands alone from the competition. We understand that your situation will be unique to you and your company. Therefore, we listen to what is challenging you and your business so we can create unique strategic solutions that fit your needs, budgets, and time frame.

With a rich history in serving local government and professional services organizations, we look to continue partnering with clients in these sectors to achieve more. In addition, we have witnessed the struggles and challenges the manufacturing industry has suffered in recent history. And Vistum Consulting feels called to help small to mid-size growing manufacturing companies not just survive these difficult times but thrive as we navigate our way through them. We have the necessary tools and expertise to partner with growing small to mid-size manufacturing companies with particular interests in beer, RTD, distillery, and wine manufacturing.

We partner with clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies, and designing high-quality and scalable solutions.

We are committed to being the unexpected force that drives your organization to achieve more by partnering with you to challenge the status quo. Because no company that has ever gone on to achieve greatness settled for mediocrity. In fact, that is how Vistum Consulting’s name was born. Vistum is the merger of two Latin words that are part of the company’s core principles, Vis = Force and Inopinatum = Unexpected.

We are not a fit for every project or company, and we pride ourselves on not forcing this. So, are you and your company ready to experience the unexpected and achieve more than you thought possible? If so, contact us for a free consultation to learn if we are the right fit and how we can help your company thrive.

About Vistum Consulting

Jeffrey Heavener, PMP

Founder, Vistum Consulting

Born and raised just outside Philadelphia, PA, my parents taught me two key concepts. The first is always to try to help someone else before you help yourself. The second is to work hard for what you want to achieve. I took both of those lessons to heart when I raised my right hand and joined the U.S. Navy, again when I started Vistum Consulting and every place in between.

I am a U.S. Navy submarine veteran, nuclear engineer, certified project manager, Finance Executive peer forum facilitator, and CEO. Before becoming the CEO of Vistum Consulting, my career spanned three industries with over 20 years of proven accomplishments in nuclear power (naval and civilian), manufacturing, and nuclear medical devices.

I have helped organizations in these sectors drive initiatives to improve efficiencies, increase profitability, reduce costs, and build successful teams through numerous projects ranging into hundreds of millions of dollars. And now, I am bringing all that experience to companies like yours so you may obtain similar achievements.

Results are essential, but relationships are the critical driver of successful businesses. Relationships are why we go above and beyond for our peers and partners without thinking of ourselves. The military taught me that, and I carry this virtue with me today. It is one of the cornerstones that Vistum Consulting prides itself on. That is why I dedicate myself to one premise; building long-term relationships with clients and partnering with them to achieve what they never thought possible.